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Contemporary furniture is simple in design. Comfort and sustainability are its hallmarks, with clean lines and soft curves. In contemporary design, less is more, and clutter is to be avoided at all costs.

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Traditional furniture is ornate and elegant. Plush and cozy, it will often feature detailed carvings or patterned material. In traditional design, large upholstered pieces like sofas may have wooden trim and prominent footing.

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Transitional furniture, as might be expected, is not quite traditional, not quite contemporary. It uses neutral colours, warmth, and light. This hybrid style merges the finishes, materials, and fabrics of both worlds.

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What is the Difference between Traditional, Contemporary and Transitional Décor? Traditional rooms use ornament and accessories for warmth, creating a cozy, relaxing atmosphere. Contemporary rooms take the opposite approach, ushering calm through the use of open space, clean lines, and no adornment. Transitional décor embraces the comfort of traditional design and the stylish looks of modern design.