Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Here are answers to some of the most common questions we're asked. Have other questions? Feel free to stop in to the store, call, or email.

Do you deliver? How much does it cost for delivery?
We deliver within HRM free of charge. Your furniture arrives at your door fully assembled and will be professionally installed in your home by our delivery staff, Christian and Zachary. Live outside of HRM? We can deliver to you for a reasonable fee, depending on where you live.

What happens if I order something and I decide I don't like it when it comes in?
Custom orders are created especially for you, and for that reason, these orders cannot be cancelled, nor can the items be returned or exchanged. Our non-commissioned sales staff takes care to ensure that you've chosen the right size, style, and finishes of your furniture before we place your custom order.

I looked on your website and saw a sofa that I like the style of, but I didn't like the colour/pattern of the fabric. Can I order it in with a different colour/pattern/leather?
Yes! Many of the items you see on our website or in our showroom can be ordered in a variety of fabrics or leather. You simply need to ask and we can show you which ones are available.

How long does it take for my custom order to come in?
There are many factors that contribute to the length of time it takes to get your order here, and it does depend on what you've ordered and from which manufacturer. A typical order will take 8-10 weeks shipping, meaning that your order leaves the manufacturer within 8-10 weeks, and then it is shipped to us. Quality furniture does take time to make! Once your furniture has arrived at our warehouse, it is thoroughly inspected, and then we will call you to arrange delivery.

Where is your furniture made, or where does it come from?
We work primarily with Canadian manufacturers, so your pieces would be made mainly in Quebec or Ontario.

Do you ever have sales?
We sure do, however, our everyday retail prices are reasonable and we will always work out the best sale price that we can offer you at the time. Sales that our repeat customers look forward to are our Bedroom Sale (on Canadian-made, solid wood bedroom suites), and our Custom Cover Sale (you select the frame and fabric/leather of your furniture).

Why don't you post any prices on your website?
There are many factors that go into how much a piece of furniture is going to cost, for example: size (sofa, condo-sized sofa, sectional sofa), and the grade of fabric or leather. There are too many variables to accurately list even an estimated price on our website. For the most accurate information, we prefer to sit down with you, show you exactly what you'd be purchasing, and then work out the best price we can offer.

Do you have someone on staff to help me choose my furniture and/or fabrics or leather?
All of our staff can assist you with choosing the right size, shape, colour, and more. We will ask lots of questions to help determine what your needs and wants are. We also have an interior decorator on staff (she's the one that designs all of the beautiful vignettes you see throughout the store!), should you require an additional level of design expertise.

What warranties do you offer and is the fabric on my new furniture treated for stains?
Each of our manufacturers have warranties on their products. We do offer an excellent stain treatment program for you furniture and we'd be happy to go over those details with you, and the details of your specific warranty, when you make your purchase.